Danish Language Education

Danish Language Classes for Beginners at the House of Denmark

language_courses_2Children ages 7-13: Saturday 9:30-10:45

Teens/adults: Saturday 11:00- 12:15

Members of the House of Denmark: six classes for $60 ($30 per additional family member). Non-member pricing available on request

Dates: Feb. 11, Feb. 18, Mar. 4, Mar. 18, Apr. 1, Apr. 8

Online Danish Classes for School Children

Danes Worldwide LogoDanes Worldwide – a nonprofit support association for Danes living abroad – offers Danish language instruction at the school level (grades 0 to 9) for students aged 6-17 who live outside Denmark.  The instructional program is flexible and fits easily into the students’ day to day attendance at school where they live.

Online Danish language instruction is designed for families wanting their children to speak and write Danish at a level equivalent to that of children in Denmark of the same age.  Designed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the instructional program is the only one of its kind. At the end of the grade 9 program, students may sit for the in-person exam (at Summer School) to earn the graduation certificate, Danish language.