Sankt Hans 6/24

Join us on the beach for a picnic, hygge, snobrød and songs and to see the witch fly off to Bloksbjerg Saturday, June 24th, at 6:00 IMG_1104p.m. at East Mission Bay.

We will be sending out our “scouts” early in the morning to secure a fire pit near East Mission Bay Drive south of the Mission Bay Park Visitor Information Center and north of the Hilton. To find us, exit I5 at IMG_1130Clairemont Drive/Mission Bay Drive, then go west towards the bay, turn left at the stop sign and look for a Danish flag.

Bring a blanket or beach chairs, a picnic dinner and dough and sticks for snobrød (s’mores are also welcome); and feel free to come early and enjoy the afternoon or the day on the beach. We’ll have some firewood but we’re happy if you bring more. IMG_1116

Remember to bring something warm to wear when it cools down, and don’t forget your sunscreen.